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Butterfly's Sleep

- living endless nights and mornings in a land where no one's hand can reach us

Dawn Phoenix

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the phoenix +
Midgar Skyline. Name I originally picked out of a love of the Final Fantasy games. Inspired by Aldren's first words as he landed on the Moon; "Magnificent desolation".
Dawn Phoenix. Translation of my real name. Given to be by my parents, in the hopes that I would always be flying towards a bright future.
flight patterns +
Phoenix. Flies the skies continuously, high enough above the earth that I can see the stars and always be headed towards a perpetual dawn. Dragon. Gemini - ergo two-faced bitch. Right-handed. INTJ - Mastermind. IQ - 147. Realist. Pessimist - Prepare, work and hope for the best but expect the worst. Curious.
the scientist +
Ad Astra Per Aspera - "A Rough Road leads to the Stars".

Physics with Astrophysics graduate, currently considering entering into a career of Radiation Oncology Medical Physics via Radiation Biology.
fourth title over here +
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fifth title which is the last +
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